Michigan is a Top Gambling Jurisdiction, According to the American Gaming Association’s Rankings

Arsenii Anderson
michigan is a top gambling jurisdiction according to the agas rankings

Michigan is among the most prosperous gaming jurisdictions in the nation, according to data this week from the American Gaming Association.

Despite a six-week workers’ strike in October and November, Detroit remains one of the top 10 casino markets in the nation, according to data from the AGA’s Gaming Revenue Tracker for 2023.

In addition to Michigan casino sites being among the top three online casino markets in the nation, Detroit has seen considerable economic success.

Despite the Strike, Detroit Casinos Continue to Rank Eighth

According to the Gaming Revenue Tracker report, the workers’ strike caused a 2.7% drop in Michigan’s income, which has an impact on Detroit casinos.

Detroit casinos maintained the eighth position in the AGA’s list of the top 10 commercial casino markets by 2023 revenue:

  1. Las Vegas strip — $8.83 billion;
  2. Atlantic City casinos — $2.86 billion;
  3. Chicagoland — $2.19 billion;
  4. Baltimore-Washington DC — $2.08 billion;
  5. Gulf Coast — $1.59 billion;
  6. Queens/Yonkers — $1.54 billion;
  7. Philadelphia casinos — $1.37 billion;
  8. Detroit casinos — $1.24 billion;
  9. St. Louis — $1.07 billion;
  10. Boulder Strip — $964.7 million.

According to the AGA, Michigan’s total income from all forms of commercial gambling in 2023 was $3.58 billion, a 9.9% increase from 2022. The 24 tribal casinos in Michigan have not yet released financial data for 2023, so that figure is incomplete.

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