Michigan Online Casino Bonuses

The world of iGaming has never been more accessible to the Michigan players than today. With new casinos entering the market every month, what can help users choose the casinos they actually like? Easy: welcome bonuses.

On this page, we gather the best Michigan online casino bonus offers. the list is updated systematically so that our readers get the freshest news on lucrative bonuses and promos.

Games, bonuses, features—these are terms that you ought to get yourself accustomed to before you delve further into the “cash biz”, so to state. What are these terms? What are these bonuses? Find out below.

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August 27, 2022
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Quick Details:
Number of Bonuses We Have: 13
Number of Welcome Bonuses: 13
Number of Free Spins Bonuses: 1
The Lowest Wagering Requirements: 1x, FanDuel
The Highest Number of Free Spins: 200 FS at Golden Nugget
Casino That Has the Most Bonuses: BetMGM
Bonus Type
Bonus Value
Wagering Requirement
Number of Free Spins

Casino Promos for Michigan Players

13 bonuses available
FireKeepers Michigan 400x400


Welcome Bonus
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100% Deposit Match Up to $500

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Welcome Bonus
Number of Free Spins:n/a
Min. deposit:$10
Wagering Requirement:5x
Expires:12 Dec, 2022


Welcome Bonus
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$200 Free Play with the First $50 Deposit

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Welcome Bonus
Number of Free Spins:n/a
Min. deposit:$50
Wagering Requirement:1x
Expires:10 Oct, 2022

William Hill

Welcome Bonus
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100% Deposit Match Up to $2,000 + $100 Gas Card

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Welcome Bonus
Number of Free Spins:n/a
Min. deposit:$10
Wagering Requirement:15x
Expires:12 Dec, 2022
Stars Casino


Welcome Bonus
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$50 Free Casino Bonus

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Welcome Bonus
Number of Free Spins:n/a
Min. deposit:$10
Wagering Requirement:n/a
Expires:12 Dec, 2022
Barstool Michigan


Welcome Bonus
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100% Risk

Free Play Up to $1,000

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Welcome Bonus
Number of Free Spins:n/a
Min. deposit:$10
Wagering Requirement:5x
Expires:12 Dec, 2022
Twinspires MI Online Casino


Free Spins Bonus

$500 Risk Free for 24 Hours + 250 Free Spins

T&C Apply
Bonus type:Free Spins Bonus
Number of Free Spins:250
Min. deposit:$10
Wagering Requirement:n/a
Expires:12 Dec, 2022
Number of player that already claimed the bonus 1

How Do Bonuses Work and How to Make Use of Them?

Now that the term “bonus” has piqued your interest, it is important to look into the fine prints. Are these actually “free”, or are there more terms and conditions involved than you can fathom?

A bonus is probably the easiest way for casinos to attract a wider spectrum of audiences. Bonuses have been used as a recent measure to grab more attention, which also explains the rise in this inherent attraction towards online casinos. However, be extremely wary—after all, all that glisters come tied with a list of terms and conditions.

Before we get into these conditions, though, we’re pretty sure that you want to know about the juicy rewards first. Well, barring the caveats, the bonuses are pretty enticing; we must admit. Depending on the kind of bonus (as mentioned later), you will see how the casino will try to incentivize your experience.

Coming to the elephant in the room—the caveats. Obviously, the casino operators aren’t the most benevolent, so don’t get carried away by these bonuses. More often than not, the major caveat surrounding these bonuses is the idea of selectively being able to cash out.

Take an arbitrary example. Say, for instance, that the said cashing out can only happen at 10x, with a welcome bonus of the same amount as your deposit. You get all excited and end up depositing $100, and get a bonus of the same. This means that you will have to make at least $2000 worth of bets to fulfill the cashing-out caveat. Get the drift?

This caveat comes in another flavor — the “number of times” condition. Here, you will have to play a certain game a certain number of times before you are granted the window to cash out. If not used wisely, this can be a pitfall too.

Oh, and one last thing. Not all games have bonuses assigned, and not all games can be played without subscribing to these bonuses. Be extremely wary before you start playing. Read the finer prints.

Main Types of Casino Bonuses

Keeping the gloomy bits of terms and conditions and ifs and buts aside, let’s talk about the rewarding parts of casino bonuses. Bonuses come in various flavors and textures, and it is high time that you are made aware of it—Michigan citizen or otherwise.

Welcome or Sign Up

The simplest of them all. The Welcome or Sign-up bonus is a pretty simple way for the casino operator to bring most folks into the mainstream casino. Under this, all you have to do is sign up for the casino operator, and you shall be awarded a certain amount as your initial deposit.

Pros: You get extra money for practically only signing up. This gives you ample opportunities to make more moves or get more spins.

Cons: The “cashing out” features are pretty dicey. You need to spend a particular amount of money, lay a particular number of bets, and so on, to make the most of this bonus. You might just end up spending more than you eventually earn, so be wary.

Deposit Match

As the name suggests, the bonus here will be matched with the amount you deposit. This might be a like-for-like deposit, wherein you are given the same amount as your deposit, or this might be a percentage deposit too. In the latter, you are given a certain percentage of your deposit as a bonus.

Pros: Come on, who doesn’t like “free” money, right?

Cons: This is extremely game-dependent; not all games have this bonus. Moreover, this mostly pertains to newer players lured to make greater deposits. If you are an older gamer, you will have to scout well to find matching bonuses.

No Deposit

This seems like the most enthralling of them all, right? After all, you get “free” bonuses in the truest sense of the term. No need to make deposits, no need for investments, and yet a bonus. So, what’s the catch?

Pros: Literally, no deposit needed.

Cons: This is the catch. These deposits come in the form of free spins or extra tokens, but nothing that you can actually materialize. Okay, maybe you can get cash in some places, but it is pretty insubstantial. Sure, you can make an extra spin or two, but you don’t end up gaining anything in the process, per se.

The other bigger caveat is that these casinos already ask for a higher range of deposits in the first place, so effectively you don’t seem to be gaining much from this proposition. This appears to be more of a token of appreciation that the casino provider gives you, rather than an incentive.

Free Spins

When we refer to slot games, the free spin bonus is as literal as it can get. You get a certain number of free spins, with which you can try harder at the slot machine. Keep in mind that these free spins come in various flavors—be it through sign-ins, regular investments, or even the general benevolence of the casino. Sure, you might get free spins during in-game experience too, but the bulk of it comes right from casino sign-up bonuses.

Pros: With these free spins, you can perhaps try your hand again. If fortune favors, you might get better rewards with the said spin. There is nothing greater than making the most of spins that do not cost you anything.

Cons: As it is with slot machines, the rewards aren’t as extensive either. Sure, you get free spins, maybe a tad bit more money, and more entertainment time. That’s about it.


This is a good mix of tokenistic gestures as well as decent utility. With the cashback bonus, you get back a respectable percentage of what you deposit. Mostly functioning as goodwill from the casino itself, the cashback bonus provides you a healthy way to get back some of the money you have invested—compensation, if you may.

Pros: The returns are pretty okay; a 10-20% cap seems like what the casinos offer these days. There are no wagering requirements involved here either.

Cons: Not all casinos have this feature. The caps here too are pretty limited.

Refer a Friend

This one seems to be the most “social” bonus of them all. You practically get no conditions stamped on your face with this bonus—all you have to do is refer the said casino or game to a friend. Your friend will use the referral code you are assigned, and you shall get a small bonus.

Pros: Both you and your friend get to make a small bonus out of this. On an emotional note, you also get to make stronger friendships.

Cons: The bonuses aren’t a lot, and there’s a limit to how much you can get, or how many referrals you can make.


This is a tricky but fruitful one. Tricky if you aren’t an ardent gamer, and fruitful if you play extensively. Your casino operator will ask you to make a certain amount as a deposit, and in the process, you get a fair reward. Sounds familiar, right? The major difference between this and other bonuses is that the reload bonus comes as a subscriber-based package. As in, you will have to make periodic deposits to make the most of it.

Pros: You get your rewards periodically. You get rewards as long as you keep depositing.

Cons: Making such regular deposits doesn’t sound quite feasible.

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Check latest Michigan online casinos welcome bonuses gathered in one place. Take a look at T&C to get the most of it.

no deposit bonus

Learn terms & conditions and playthrough requirements to get your lucrative Michigan online casinos no deposit bonuses right now!

Trying new slots is easy with free spins bonuses. Claim yours now to get real wins in Michigan online casinos!

Wagering (Playthrough) Requirements Explained

A wagering requirement is simply a multiplier. While the specific mathematics is explained later on, this essentially represents the amount that you have to bring to the table before you can withdraw any winnings as such.

Wagering requirements require you to conform to their set metrics of how much money you need to deposit, before you can cash out. Take an arbitrary example here. Say, your wagering requirement is about 20x, with an initial deposit of $100. This means that your bonus and bet are supposed to be churned 20 times over before you can cash it out—in this case, $2000.

There are a few more calculations you need to keep in mind.

Total Bet = Bonus Amount * Wagering Requirement

Say, your bonus amount is about $10. Assume a wagering requirement of 30x, so your total bet turns out to be (30*10) = $300.

There is another attribute called “Sticky Bonus” that you should be aware of. In this case, your income is also tagged on the initial deposit. In this case:

Total Bet = Bonus + (Initial Deposit * Wagering Requirement)

In the aforementioned use case, say you have deposited $10, and the other numbers are the same. Your total bet would be (10 + (10*30)) = $310.

Latest Casino Offers from MI Online Casinos

Now that you have become a betting mastermind, having all the numbers and wagers swamping across your mind—you should also get to know what your beloved Michigan has to offer too. Lucky for you, the options are innumerable, but the quality offerings are as follows.

BetMGM – 100% up to $1,000 Welcome Offer + $25 FREEPLAY®

BetMGM understands the need for great bonuses and offers. Here is a comprehensive list of what you can get, and how it works.

BetMGM Casino

100% Up to $1,000 & $25 FREEPLAY®

Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. To be eligible players must be 21 years or older and playing within the state of Michigan. $10 minimum deposit required. Players must wager the bonus amount 15x on all games.

Bonus type: Welcome Bonus Wagering requirement: 15x
Number of FS: n/a Min. deposit: $10
Games: Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps Expires: January 1, 2023

BetRivers – 100% up to $250

The equation is simple here. A 100% deposit matches up to $250. Sounds lucrative, right? If you end up signing up for them and depositing the said amount, you will end up with a 100% match bonus on it. We honestly ask you to try this out; in the grander scheme of things, this sounds worth it.

BetRivers Casino

100% Match Up to $250

Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of Michigan. Players must make a single deposit of $10. The bonus money has a 1x wagering requirement. GAMBLING PROBLEM? CALL 1-800-270-7117

Bonus type: Welcome Bonus Wagering requirement: 1x
Number of FS: n/a Min. deposit: $10
Bonus/Promo Code:
Expires: January 1, 2023

FanDuel – First Day Risk-Free Up to $1,000

FanDuel has been in the industry for eons now, and for obvious reasons. Their well-established presence along with lucrative offers makes them a must-want casino counterpart. When it comes to this particular bonus, hear us out.

FanDuel Casino

$1,000 Risk Free for 24 Hours

Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of Michigan. Players must make a single deposit of $10. The bonus money has a 1x wagering requirement.

Bonus type: Welcome Bonus Wagering requirement: 1x
Number of FS: n/a Min. deposit: $10
Games: Slots, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Craps Expires: January 1, 2023


Do Michigan Online Casinos Feature New Player Bonuses?

Now that online casinos have been legalized, Michigan casinos do provide player bonuses for new players. The kind of bonuses are variable, please refer to the lists mentioned above.

What is the Difference Between No Deposit and Free Spins Bonus?

While both kinds of bonuses have no money investment involved per se, no-deposit bonuses have a few more perks. The free spins only allow you to have free spins (as the name suggests), but the no-deposit bonus comes with attributes like free tokens, or even cash. Granted, the cash isn’t enough or big, but the bonus options here are better.

Do MI Online Casinos Offer No Deposit Bonus?

Sure, but you will have to do your fair share of research here too. The MI online casinos do offer no deposit bonuses, but only on very selected gaming websites. Be sure to do your thorough research before delving in.