Kewadin Casino St. Ignace

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Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace, operated by The Sault Tribe, is one of the top destinations for casino enthusiasts and tourists alike in the Mackinac region. It’s situated at 3015 Mackinac Trail, making it a conveniently accessible spot for those coming from Mackinaw City. This proximity establishes Kewadin as a notable contender amongst Mackinaw casinos.

This establishment goes beyond merely offering a rich selection of casino games. It also provides an array of entertainment options. Live music events are a frequent feature, catering to diverse musical tastes. Whether you’re seeking the thrill of the gamble or a memorable escape, Kewadin Casino St. Ignace extends a warm invitation to luxuriate in a remarkable retreat. So, if you’re near Mackinaw and looking for an enthralling casino experience, Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace is an excellent choice.

Kewadin Casino St. Ignace Overview

The journey of Kewadin Casinos started in 1984. The casinos quickly gained success, and by 2005, the company had employed over 2,000 people, becoming the largest employer in the Upper Peninsula.

Kewadin St. Ignace is currently open to the public, so you can plan a visit to the hotel-casino anytime you want. Once there, you’ll find over 700 slot machines and various Vegas-style table games, including Craps, Roulette, Blackjack, and more. The hotel is also newly renovated, and you can enjoy your favorite drinks at the hotel-casino sports bar and lounge. Kewadin St. Ignace also offers a restaurant with an exquisite dining experience that faces the beautiful shoreline.

How to Get to Kewadin Casino St. Ignace

Reaching Kewadin Casino St. Ignace is a breeze. Located at 3015 Mackinac Trail, the establishment is easy to find. If traveling north, Interstate 75 N all the way to exit 348. Taking a left turn onto Mackinac Trail, continue two miles to the casino. Take I-75 S if you’re coming from the north, then exit 352. Turn left on M-123, then turn right on Mackinac Trail. It’ll be approximately four miles from there.

Kewadin Casino St. Ignace Reviews

We’ve checked several review aggregators to ensure a fair rating and to see what other customers said about the establishment. We’ll consider every opinion, so you’ll get the best experience from the places we’ve recommended. So far, we’ve found many great comments and good marks on the Kewadin St. Ignace review. Here’s how the previous Kewadin Casino St. Ignace visitors rated the casino hotel.

Tripadvisor 3.5/5
Google Reviews 3.9/5
Yelp 2/5

Slots and Table Games in Kewadin Casino St. Ignace

Although the casino leans more towards a casual establishment, guests can enjoy all kinds of casino games. Kewadin Casino St. Ignace offers various slot machines, table games, tournaments, and bingo games. Some games have their opening hour, so you must note the availability if you’re coming only for a short trip. Here’s more information about all the games you can enjoy at Kewadin Casino St. Ignace.


Kewadin owns over 2,000 casino machines, and over 700 are available in the St. Ignace branch. From the classic three reels slot machines to more modern ones with bonus features, you can enjoy all types of slot machines. You can bet up to $25 per spin at all Kewadin St. Ignace slots.

Poker Rooms

Visitors can enjoy various card games at Kewadin St. Ignace, but no poker rooms are available. However, you can still enjoy Three Card Poker and Heads Up Hold Em in the gaming room. Both games will be available alongside table games, with the same opening hours and minimum stake.

Table Games

Table games enthusiasts can join the live games at Kewadin St. Ignace. The casino offers Blackjack, virtual Roulette, and virtual Craps, which visitors can enjoy from Wednesday to Sunday. Note that the casino will only offer table games from 4 PM onwards, so don’t come too early if you’d like to join. To join the table games, all players must bet a minimum of $10.

Suppose you’re planning to visit during the Christmas season. In that case, the table games will only be available until midnight, while you can usually enjoy them up until 2 AM on Friday and Saturday. Some games like Three Card Poker, Heads Up Hold Em, and virtual Roulette will also be unavailable.

Reward Programs

Kewadin offers the Northern Rewards Card for its reward program, which all users can use across Kewadin’s five casinos. Reward card holders can earn points every time they dine at Kewadin’s restaurants and delis, place a wager, book a room at the Sault Ste. Marie or Kewadin Hotel St. Ignace, and purchase gifts from the gift shops.

For every $4 bet on any game, cardholders earn one point. The only exception is the poker machines which will give one point for every $8 bet.

By becoming a member, you’ll get a chance to earn merchandise and entertainment ticket discounts (by spending the points), get exclusive invitations to VIP events, free tickets to Kewadin St. Ignace concerts, personalized offers, free hotel stays, dinners, and more. Members can also join the special events and promotions at a chance for cash prizes, gift credits, traveling discounts, etc.

Hotel & Other Amenities

For those who’d like to stay close to the casino, Kewadin Casino St. Ignace offers excellent accommodations and various other amenities to complete your stay. Staying at Kewadin St. Ignace Hotel means you’ll get to view the scenery of Lake Huron and access to all facilities at Kewadin.


Kewadin St. Ignace has 81 non-smoking guest rooms, including deluxe suites with a kitchenette and living room. You’ll get access to the indoor swimming pool, arcade, and fitness center when you stay at Kewadin Casino St. Ignace Hotels. Staying guests will also get free parking and free Wi-Fi.

Kewadin doesn’t allow you to bring your pets to the establishment, except for service animals to help guests with disabilities. The check-in time begins at 4 PM, and you can check out at 11 AM. The hotel’s front desk works 24/7, so you can quickly get help and assistance whenever needed.


Kewadin St. Ignace Hotel doesn’t offer any spa services for guests. However, you can still enjoy the whirlpool at the indoor swimming pool area, so you can relax after returning from your day trip.


Not only Kewadin offers entertainment and relaxing accommodations, but guests can also get great meals from the restaurant and deli. If you miss home-style food, you can visit the Horseshoe Bay Restaurant, which also serves great breakfast menus. The restaurant also serves various sandwiches, burgers, salads, and pasta. The restaurant is open from 7 AM to 9 PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

You’ll get more options at the Campfire Deli, which serves pizza, sandwiches, ice cream, and a breakfast menu. Campfire Deli is also open from 7 AM to 9 PM, Wednesday to Sunday.

Other Amenities

For those visiting Kewadin Casino in St. Ignace for a leisure trip and unsure where to go outside the casino, Kewadin offers a bus tour. Kewadin will prepare your itinerary, so you can sit back while enjoying the city’s heritage. The trip will start with a guided tour of the Lighthouse and Mackinaw Maritime Museum, and then you’ll head over to Mackinac Island. The tour also includes a trip to the Colonial Michilimackinac or the Museum of Ojibwa Culture.


While there are many slot machines and table games, you might wonder if you can enjoy sports betting at Kewadin Casino St. Ignace. You can enjoy sports betting at Kewadin St. Ignace at the Whitetail Sports Bar, as Kewadin is the official partner of WynnBet.

Online Casino

As the partner of Kewadin Casinos, many games that Kewadin offers in its brick-and-mortar casinos are available at WynnBet online casino. Players who love the games they’ve found at Kewadin and want to enjoy them online can visit Wynnbet and sign up for a new account.

On the other hand, players visiting Kewadin Casinos in person and would like to bet on sports will access Wynnbet’s sports selection. WynnBet also has an app that iOS and Android users can download for easier access.

Kewadin Casino St. Ignace Timeline

After the Board of Directors voted to open Kewadin Casinos in 1984, the building progress started. Three years later, Kewadin Casino St. Ignace opened on the Northern Shores of Lake Huron. This original Kewadin Casino St. Ignace operated for around 20 years until the Sault Tribe built a new casino next to it in 2003.

The new casino was ready to launch in 2006, but the Sault Tribe only received an injunction to operate while thoroughly sorting out the legal complication in 2007. The US Federal Courts gave a full permit in 2009 for Kewadin Casino St. Ignace to run without further complications.

The Complete St. Ignace Experience

Although Kewadin St. Ignace appears to be more humble as a casino hotel, it offers many exciting opportunities for those who’d like to complete their trip to St. Ignace with gambling. With a wide variety of games, visitors can indulge in their favorite table games and slot machines.

On the other hand, Kewadin’s facilities ensure its guests have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. Kewadin offers an enticing tour package that promises an unforgettable experience.


What is the Minimum Age to Enter Kewadin Casino St. Ignace?

To enter Kewadin Casino and place a bet on any Kewadin game collection, you must be 18 or older. Kewadin also offers alcoholic beverages in its bar area, and guests under 21 aren’t allowed to enter.

What Can I Find Around Kewadin Casino St. Ignace?

Kewadin St. Ignace is close to Lake Huron and Star Line Mackinac Island Main Dock. Suppose the Kewadin Casino St. Ignace buffet isn’t enough to satisfy your cravings; there are also several great restaurants like Driftwood Restaurant and Sports Bar and Mackinac Grille, which are only a seven to eight minutes drive away. You can also find several other hotels near Kewadin Casino St. Ignace.

Is Kewadin Casino St. Ignace Currently Open to the Public?

Yes, Kewadin Casino and Kewadin Hotel St. Ignace are currently open. You can visit Kewadin’s website to book a room or check the event’s schedule.

How Many Slots Are There in Kewadin Casino St. Ignace?

There are over 700 choices of slot machines you can enjoy in Kewadin St. Ignace MI.