About Us

At the iGaming Network, our team strives to provide content with integrity and authenticity. Given the amount of choice available in Michigan’s online gambling sector, providing the customer with the resources to make informed decisions is of great importance.

To ensure we provide value to our readers, we use data and industry expertise in our content, but how do we piece it all together?

Our Mission

Our primary directive is to guide and inform players about safe, responsible gambling practices. We believe the iGaming industry should be regarded as a source of entertainment for well-informed players who practice responsible play. Our team regularly reviews casinos regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board to give players authentic and unbiased opinions of these platforms.

Our Vision

Ultimately, we aim to create a community of passionate players to which we can provide extensive data on regulated gambling sites, games, and software providers. This community will help build a robust and healthy future for iGaming in Michigan and drive development further to benefit both players and other stakeholders within the state.

Legal Disclaimer

We don’t hold any ownership in any gambling companies within the state. Revenues produced by connecting our readers with gambling platforms are reinvested back into our product.

Affiliate Disclosure

IGAMINGMI.com is an independent platform created to provide reliable and unbiased reviews of leading online casinos that the Michigan Gaming Control Board has licensed.

IGAMINGMI.com sometimes uses affiliate links that direct users to certain websites, for which IGAMINGMI.com may receive a commission. And so, if you decide to click a link on our site that directs you somewhere else, IGAMINGMI.com may receive a commission.

Even though IGAMINGMI.com is sometimes awarded a commission for the marketing of brands that appear on the website, IGAMINGMI.com makes every effort to provide accurate statements and sentiments about any and all brands mentioned.

Users of IGAMINGMI.com are not charged at all for our services.

Users are encouraged to make their own decision about where and what they would like to play, and our aim is only to advise and educate.

Licensing Information

IGAMINGMI.com belongs to the iGaming Network, operated by Intress Media. Intress Media is a licensed vendor that is authorized by the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).

As a vendor licensed by the MGCB, IGAMINGMI.com does not cooperate or have any business with operators that are unlicensed by the MGCB.

iGamingMI Timeline

August 2021

The iGaming Network begins – we work on defining our vision of the future project that will help US players navigate the legally regulated gambling market.

September 2021

iGamingMI’s design and functionality are finished, tested and approved by our team.

October 2021

Intress Media receives the MGCB license to legally operate in the state of Michigan.

November 2021

iGamingNJ launches in the state of New Jersey and becomes the first iteration of our vision of an informative and useful iGaming website.

December 2021

We collaborate with other players in the marker to ensure the quality, integrity and accessibility of the information at our websites.

April 2022

iGamingMI launches in the Great Lakes State and begins its journey towards building a true, safe community for players and casino operators.

July 2022

iGamingWV launches in West Virginia and becomes the latest addition to the iGaming Network roster of websites.

April 2023

iGamingPenn launches in Pennsylvania to help us realize our vision and mission in yet another bustling legally regulated gambling market.

Meet the Team

The iGaming market in Michigan is still emerging, creating a dynamic environment players might find challenging to keep up with. However, our team of experienced writers, editors, and industry experts ensure our readers get easily digestible, data-driven content when it’s needed.

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We are always interested to hear what the community has to say on iGaming in Michigan. Feel free to reach out with any questions or remarks on the industry or even to share your concerns about our product.

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