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A few words about Marina

Marina is the person who designed and launched According to her own words, growing from an idea to an actual project is a fantastic feeling one could have in a career lifetime.

Marina’s Prior Work Experience:

“Unbeknownst to me, a decade has elapsed since my entry into the gambling affiliate industry. As I reflect on this, it is difficult to fathom. Over the course of those 10 years, I have been engaged with Tier-1 markets. Presently, my team and I confront new challenges, and dwelling on past victories can only divert our attention and impede our professional advancement.

Prior to establishing Intress Media, I departed from a project where I oversaw a team comprising nearly ten specialists of different levels. I express my gratitude to them for the invaluable experience and knowledge they imparted (assuming they happen to be reading this 😂).”

How Marina Sees the Future of the Project:

Marina reveals that the company intends to expand its operations into all regulated US states while closely monitoring the actions of state lawmakers in relation to online gaming regulation. It is noteworthy that the segment witnessed heightened competition last year, as more entities expressed interest in entering the US iGaming industry. Such circumstances demand resilience and adaptability from affiliates. To succeed, it is vital to maintain flexibility and concentrate on product growth. Drawing inspiration from successful players in the market will be a key strategy in achieving this goal.

What Marina Thinks about the Future of the Industry:

“Artificial Intelligence both captivates and unsettles me. I firmly believe that all industries, without exception, will gravitate towards this direction. AI appears particularly relevant when discussing safe and responsible gambling. By tracking behavioral patterns, AI could signal to both individuals and operators when certain recurring actions indicate a problem gambler, thereby necessitating attention and intervention.”

Marina’s Interests and Hobbies:

“Anytime, anywhere—reading is my loyal companion. It serves as a form of meditation for me. Whether fiction or non-fiction, the choice depends on my mood. I invest considerable time in selecting books, guided by the principle that if a book fails to captivate me within the first 50 pages, our paths diverge either permanently or until better times.

Additionally, I take immense pleasure in exploring new countries, immersing myself in their culture, daily life, and, of course, their cuisine! Mexico and Japan, in particular, have left indelible impressions, pleasant memories, and a lingering desire to revisit.”

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