Online Craps in Michigan Casinos

Casinos are a pretty strange affair. The sheer discrepancy in difficulties that you might face with playing all sorts of games—bonkers! Where slots only require an excess of time (a good time-pass, isn’t it?), baccarat is mostly an affair of chance (heads or tails, player or banker?). In that regard, the game that strikes a good balance of both complexity and playability—craps.

Sure, you might be at the table saying, “Oh crap, not Craps again!” but there are a lot of interesting aspects to the game itself. If you are a resident of Michigan? Even better. Being in the hub of craps can be a poetic affair once you know how to play it. For people in Michigan, online craps are a big deal. Want to hop on the bandwagon? Keep reading.

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Quick Details:
Number of Casinos Featuring Craps: 16
Craps House Edge: 0 – 16.67%
Minimum Bet Available: $1
Maximum Bet Available: $100
Recommended Casino to Play Craps: Golden Nugget
Approx. Return to Player: 99.73% (Golden Nugget)

Online Craps Casinos that Legal in Michigan

Casino Bonus Highlights
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4.8 /5
100% Up to $1,000 & $25 FREEPLAY®
  • Weekly updated promos
  • 1,000+ slot games available
  • $25 bonus FREEPLAY with 1x WR
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Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. 21+

Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. To be eligible players must be 21 years or older and playing within the state of Michigan. $10 minimum deposit required. Players must wager the bonus amount 10x on slot games.

4.6 /5
24h of Casino Losses Back Up to $500
  • 500+ online slot games
  • PayPal deposits & withdrawals
  • 1x wagering requirements
  • Limited number of table games
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Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. 21+

Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. To be eligible players must be 21 years or older and playing within the state of Michigan. $10 minimum deposit required. Players must wager the bonus amount 1x on all games.

4.2 /5
100% Risk-Free Play Up to $1,000
  • 24/7 casino customer support
  • 5x wagering requirements on slot games
  • Exclusive Barstool table games
  • 2% cashback rate on all casino games
  • Live betting could be improved
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Full T&Cs Apply. New players only. 21+

Full T&Cs Apply. To be eligible, players must be at least 21 years old, playing within the state of Michigan. Players must make a single deposit of $10. The bonus money has a 5x wagering requirement for slots and 25x on table games and video poker.

Online Casino Bonus Wagering
100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000 15x
100% Deposit Match Up to $1,000 10x
100% Up to $1,000 & $25 FREEPLAY® 15x

Legal MI Online Craps Sites – Quick Summary

Before you jump right into the said bandwagon, be extremely wary of a casino’s reputation. Always check before you invest—the authenticity of the casino should be your utmost concern. Fret not, for we have covered some casinos that you must look at if you are seeking craps sessions.

Being regulated by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, the online craps sites that we have enlisted are pretty reliable. We have hand-picked some of the best places for craps online—you should most definitely check these out.

4 /5
$1,000 Risk Free for 24 Hours

Rightly hailed as the hub with the best craps in Michigan, FanDuel is in a league of its own. Where do we even get started? Pick your poison—a ravishing, engaging first-person craps, or perhaps the mind-boggling sets of rewards that come with it? FanDuel provides you with all that and much more. While the site is limited with regards to the craps options available at your disposal, that in no way paralyzes the kind of experience you get while browsing through this website and playing craps here. The “Refer-a-friend” or “Risk-Free” bonuses are truly the icings on the cake—more incentives for you to check out this website.

4.6 /5
24h of Casino Losses Back Up to $500

Sure, you can say that BetRivers isn’t the best place if you seek a plethora of craps games. But ask yourself first—is quality more important than quantity? If you are someone seeking quality craps sessions online, the first-person craps offering that BetRivers has in store for you is impeccable. If that wasn’t enough to get you hooked, you should most definitely check out the bonuses they have on offer. Additionally, the banking metrics and measures are pretty user-friendly and leakproof. You should give this a go.

Craps Basics for Beginners – How to Play It for Real Money

Moving on from the where-s, it is time for us to bestow you with the very important how-s. How do you play the game? How do you rank up in craps? How do you maximize your efficiency of play? How do you make the most of the table? All that, and much more—how to play it for real money.

Let’s start off with the purpose of the game. Much like most other casino games, craps deals with the idea of predictions, possibilities, and probabilities. It is, on the surface, a game of dice that is played on a specially-designed table. Much like other table games, here too, the greater your predictions are regarding accuracy, the heavier your bags become, and the more you take back home.

Coming to the technical terms—read carefully, because there are far too many of them. The first of them is what is known as a “Boxperson”. The job of the Boxperson is to supervise the game. The one in charge, if you may. The Boxperson is there to answer queries and resolve issues.

There are two “Base Dealers”. The 2nd base dealer is the one to the right of the Boxperson, where the number 2 is farthest from. The 3rd base dealer is to the left of the Boxperson, and the number 12 is farthest from this end.

There are two other members—the “Stickperson” and the “Straight Out Player”. While the one with the long, hooked stick is labeled as the former, the one on the middle-end of the table is the Straight-out Player.

Now that you are acquainted with the folks at the table, it is time to know the rules. After the shooter rolls the dice, they have to roll the number initially rolled on the table. The number that gets rolled is marked by pucks.

The shooter rolls again, but this time—you need to keep in mind that the same number has to be rolled before the number “7” is rolled. The number “7” is pretty significant. If the said point is rolled again, the puck is tagged as “off”. This is where the shooter gets a chance to roll the dice again.

Now, if the rolled number is anywhere between 4-10 (excluding 7, obviously), the shooter has to try to roll the new number before the number “7” is rolled. In case “7” gets rolled, the control of the dice is given to the next shooter.

So, where does the idea of “predictions” come into play? Simple—the combinations. The dice are rolled in pairs, so you will have to predict the combination of both adding up to the tagged number.

Betting Options in Craps

Okay, now that you know the basics, it is time for some advanced knowledge, right? When it comes to betting options in craps, the options are manifold. There are quite a number of betting options that you most definitely should be aware of.

The first of the lot is a “Pass Line Bet”. Here, the players ideally should bet such that the first roll itself is a 7 or an 11. If a 2, 3, or even 12 rolls, the player loses. Numbers such as 4, 5, 6, 8, 9,10 imply that the player has to repeat the same to win. Before rolling a 7, obviously.

The “Don’t Pass” bet requires that the player rolls a 2 or 3 to win. 7 or 11 are losses, and 12 is a push (roll again, chief). If any other number is rolled, then 7 should roll before the same number is repeated.

The “Come” and “Don’t Come” bets are opposite to each other but very similar to the “Pass Line” and “Don’t Pass” bets respectively. We have more on this later. The “Field Bet”, also known as a “One Roll” bet, implies that if any number from the field box comes out, the player wins.

On the other hand, a “Place Bet” implies wagers on numbers 4-10, excluding 7. There is another kind of bet called the “Proposition Bet”, wherein you have to roll 2,3,7,11, and 12.

When it comes to house edges, here are a few things to keep in mind. We have tabulated it for you, for better understanding.

Bet House Edge
Pass / Come 1.41%
Don’t Pass / Don’t Come 1.36%
Pass Odds / Come Odds 0%
Don’t Pass Odds / Don’t Come Odds 0%

Craps Strategy for Beginners

Look at you, already on your way to becoming the best at the table when it comes to craps. Hold up, chief—just a couple more things to keep in mind. Here are two of the most effective strategies that you can apply as a beginner or otherwise.

Pass Line Craps Strategy

Pretty simple yet effective, the pass line bet is considered as one of the most ubiquitously used of them all, and for all the right reasons. This can be done with either 1 come, 2 come, or 2 come bets with 6 and 8 as betting points.

1 come bets require you to make one “Come” bet, and then place double odds on it. The implication is that the players expect two numbers to work in their favor. In this case, if the “Pass” or “Come” number repeats itself—the player wins.

If that doesn’t cut it out for you, then take the more aggressive route. The 2 come bets require you to cover three numbers, thereby placing the house edge at a mere 0.6%. Sure, you might theoretically risk more money here, but sometimes it’s worth the reward.

Don’t Pass / Don’t Come Strategy

This is the opposite of a pass-line bet. While rolling the dice for the first time, you should correctly predict a 2,3 or 12. This can double your money, but at the same time, if it is a 7 or 11, you’re done for the round. This gets slightly tricky the next time you roll it. After the point is established, you should try to roll a 7 before the first set of numbers rolls out. If 7 rolls take all the winnings.

The “Don’t Come” is very similar to the “Don’t Pass” bet, except that the former is played across two rounds.

Where to Play Craps Live in Michigan

Phew! That was a lot to process. Once you are done processing all the simplified information, you might as well lift your chins, take up your chips, and visit these online casinos in Michigan. Sure, online craps have their own charm, but the ones we have mentioned below have a lot more to offer. These are the places where you can play craps in Michigan.

MotorCity Casino Hotel

If you are in Detroit, and you haven’t visited MotorCity Casino Hotel, are you even in Detroit? If concierges, amenities, facilities, goodies—these mean a thing or two to you, please visit the hotel right away.

When it comes to craps, you shall not be disappointed either. There is a very exciting “Craps with Fire Bet” table that you ought to visit. We notify you—the stakes are high, but the rewards? Higher.

MGM Grand Detroit

It would still be forgivable if you wish to skip visits to most casinos in Michigan, but MGM Grand Detroit? Skipping it would be an unforgivable crime in our books. Why, you ask? The answer is simple—skipping out on a living model of Vegas in Detroit is as unforgivable as any other illegal issue.

The royalty of the casino is unmatched, the finishing unblemished, and the games? Unending in number, and equally intense in playability. Craps? Just how many tables do you want for yourself? Perhaps you want an entire hall to exercise your craps discretion? Yes, it is that “grand” in the true sense of the term. One visit and you shall know.

Greektown Casino

Sure, size does matter—but not when it comes to this mammoth of a casino in terms of character. Greektown casino might be compact in appearance, but do not get carried away by the looks of it. With dedicated hosts and staff, and a plethora of craps tables, you are bound to find yourself in a proverbial, but positive cul de sac—you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave.

There is another really quirky thing about Greektown Casino. Sure, it has its Craps tables with “Fire bets”, but at the same time, you will come across what is known as a “Crapless Craps” table. We won’t spoil it for you—go visit now!


Can I play online craps in Michigan?

Yes, it is perfectly legal to do so. Monitored by the Michigan Gaming Control Board, it is perfectly alright to play online craps in Michigan. You need to ensure that it is a reliable casino, and more importantly, you need to be over 21 years of age.

How to win at online craps?

Winning at online craps isn’t an arduous affair. While you have to keep the basics like money management in mind, there are finer strategies like don’t come/come bets. Pass line / don’t pass bets. The core of winning relies on practice and predictability—with more games, you shall become more refined.

Are live dealer craps legal in MI?

Yes, in 2021, the Michigan Gaming Control Board made it legal for live dealers to conduct craps online. As long as the casino meets the legal requirements, live dealer craps is a legal entity in MI.