Do You Get Free Drinks at FireKeepers Casino?

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Are Drinks Free at FireKeepers Casino?

It’s common for casinos to serve their customers complimentary drinks when they’re spending time on the gaming floor. However, the gambling industry is competitive, and casinos must be creative in serving free drinks without cutting too much from their profit.

That’s why many MI land-based casinos choose not to offer complimentary drinks for all attending guests, but they’ll limit to a specific room, like the high-limit room where guests spend more. Another way for gamblers to obtain free drinks is through membership rewards. Members can redeem their loyalty points for complimentary drinks or reach a particular tier to get them.

FireKeepers Casino started as a grand casino in 2009 with a 117,000-square-foot gaming floor. The establishment offers casino entertainment and sportsbooks and has become a popular destination for locals and visitors in Michigan. Through multiple expansions, FireKeepers started offering accommodations in 2012. FireKeepers grows into a casino hotel that also provides visitors with world-class restaurants and amenities to ensure its visitors will have a great time.

Do you get free drinks at FireKeepers Casino Hotel? When it comes to giving complimentary drinks, unfortunately, you won’t find the casino serving any drinks for free. Still, FireKeepers provides multiple great deals if you want to enjoy their bar’s specialities. Let’s get deeper into FireKeepers Casino.

Complimentary Drinks at FireKeepers Casino

We know drinks will add more fun to your time on the casino floor, especially when free. You might wonder, are drinks free at FireKeepers Casino? Unfortunately, if you want alcoholic Firekeepers Casino free drinks, the casino doesn’t serve them. This includes all the gambling rooms in FireKeepers Casino and the entire casino floor. However, you can still get free drinks like coffee as a complimentary.

Still, FireKeepers Casino Hotel provides multiple choices of great bars with delicious specialities. There’s one bar on the casino floor where you can enjoy gaming while drinking and another that offers dining choices on the menu. You can use the hotel bar’s happy hours to find a good deal of the drinks. You can also join the FireKeepers membership to get discounts on your drinks.

FireKeepers Casino Bars and Happy Hours

Below find the list of the best bars and happy hours inside FireKeepers Casino Hotel:

  • Those looking for wine can find a delectable selection at the award-winning restaurant NIBI. The restaurant offers seafood and grills, which you can enjoy with the best choices of wine. The restaurant’s open every day for dinner except Monday and Tuesday;
  • Those who want to enjoy their drinks while having fun can also taste Battle Creek’s local brewery at Dacey’s Sportsbook & Taphouse. Not only will you find good drinks, but you’ll also get to experience the fun and light atmosphere at the Taphouse. The dining room doesn’t accept customers on Mondays and Tuesdays, but the bar is open daily from 7 AM to 2 AM. Do you need more choices? You can visit FireKeepers’ Poker Bar on the casino floor or the Hotel’s lobby bar;
  • Between the choices, only the hotel bar offers happy hours. The hotel’s bar serves customers from 3 PM to 11 PM, and the happy hours are from 4 PM to 7 PM. If you visit at the happy hours to grab a drink, you’ll receive a $2 off of any beverage of your choice.

FireKeepers Casino Loyalty Program and Free Drinks

FireKeepers Red Hot Rewards Program

Do you get free drinks at FireKeepers Casino after joining the membership program? No, but many awards await when you join the Red Hot Rewards Club. You can apply for one when visiting FireKeepers Casino Hotel by presenting a valid identification document. There are three tiers to the loyalty club, and you’ll start with the Smokin’ Card, which gives you a 10% discount for dining and shopping at the gift shop.

You can earn points by playing or purchasing FireKeepers’ services and products. Present your card or put it into the card slot when you play, and the points will be added to your account automatically. Regardless of the membership tier, these points are redeemable for dining and drinks at all FireKeepers’ restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, the rewards program is not connected with the MI online casino website powered by FireKeepers Casino.

When you’re a member, are drinks free at FireKeepers Casino? Unfortunately, no. However, you’ll get a discount when you level up your membership tier. You must increase your tier to the Sizzlin’ Card to get discounts on alcoholic drinks. Sizzlin’ and Blazin’ Card holders will receive a 50% discount on any alcoholic beverage purchased on the casino floor, bars, and restaurants at FireKeepers.


Does FireKeepers’ Membership Program Give Members Complimentary Drinks?

The membership doesn’t reward members with FireKeepers Casino complimentary drinks, but if you raise your membership tier, you can get a 50% discount on any beverage you choose.

Does FireKeepers Casino Have an Online Casino?

FireKeepers Casino Hotel offers an online casino for those interested in playing on the go. You can play using your mobile devices’ browsers or download the apps. To play online, click on the ‘iCasino and Sportsbook’ on the FireKeepers’ website.

What Benefits Will I Get By Joining FireKeepers’ Membership Program?

As a member of FireKeepers Casino Hotel, you’ll receive a special discount on all dining spots, bars, and gift shops. After leveling up your membership, you’ll receive bigger discounts and exclusive benefits like discounts for alcoholic beverages, priority services, and access to the high-limit lounge.

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