Are Drinks Free at Bay Mills Casino? 2024 Update

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Are Drinks Free at Bay Mills Casino?

When you visit a casino offering complimentary drinks, you’ll find waiters and waitresses serving cocktails. They won’t give free drinks to everyone, but players who are actively gambling will see the staff approaching them occasionally to offer complimentary refreshments.

Then, what about casinos that don’t offer complimentary drinks? We can’t speak for every casino, but some allow members to redeem their points for free drinks. Others only offer rewards and discounts instead of giving free drinks. Still, there are ways to obtain free drinks or attractive promotions for alcoholic beverages that the casino offers.

Bay Mills Casino is one of the most attractive destinations among Michigan brick-and-mortar casinos for those looking to gamble and enjoy various entertainments. Not only slot machines, but the casino resort also has live sportsbooks, comfortable hotel rooms, top dining spots, golf courses, and even RV sites for those who’d like to rest outside. Located at 11386 West Lakeshore Drive, the casino resort is near hiking trails, a best match for you who love outdoor activities.

Now, the question is, does Bay Mills Resort & Casino offer free drinks? Yes. Another good news is that the casino resort offers multiple great deals you can take, including when you want to quench your thirst without paying too much.

Complimentary Drinks at Bay Mills Casino

Bay Mills Resort & Casino provides players with drinks while they spend time on the casino floor. As mentioned above, as long as you actively bet on the games on the floor, the staff will offer you complimentary drinks. The servers will walk around the casino floor, passing the slots and table games area.

❗ Although Bay Mills provides players complimentary drinks, casinos, including Bay Mills, limit your drinks. On busy days, it’s possible that you’ll only get one complimentary drink throughout your gaming session.

❗ Not to worry, though! You can get more free drinks using your comp points from Bay Mills’ membership program. There are also great dining spots that offer alcoholic beverages you can enjoy along with their best meal and snacks.

Bay Mills Casino Bars and Happy Hours

Bay Mills Resort & Casino provides its customers with three dining spots. You’d want to visit Sacy’s when you’re looking for a specific breakfast and dinner menu. You can also buy some gifts in the gift shop at Sacy’s. If you’re looking for refreshment and a hearty meal after golfing, the best place to visit is the Loft.

Those looking to drink and dine can visit Back Bay Grill & Games. The restaurant serves an excellent view of Waishkey Bay and multiple choices of local cold beer. Not only drinking and dining, Back Bay Grill & Games has an HD TV that visitors can see from anywhere they’re sitting in the restaurant. You can enjoy your favorite sporting events while you enjoy your lunch or dinner.

The restaurants don’t have happy hours, but you can redeem your membership comp points at any of Bay Mills dining spots.

Bay Mills Casino Loyalty Program and Free Drinks

If you’ve read this far, you might notice how many benefits you can get from Bay Mills’ membership program. The other quality of the membership program is that you can register without a hassle. If you’re already on-site, you can head to the Funcard Players Club and provide them with your ID after telling them you’ll join the membership.

Still, you might not want to wait around and head to the Funcard Players Club right after arriving to register. Bay Mills Casino & Resort provides a way for you to register online. Therefore, when you arrive at the casino resort, you can show your ID to pick up your card. That way, you don’t have to wait to use the card and collect your points from playing immediately after.

Bay Mills Funcurd Players Club

All games on the casino floor can contribute to your membership points. When you play and receive the loyalty points, you’ll earn ‘comp points’ simultaneously. These comp points are redeemable for drinks, stays, gifts, and golf plays.

After leveling up your membership tier, you can get more complimentary drinks. Bay Mills will also reward you with an extended drink menu after you reach the highest membership tier.


Can I Smoke at Bay Mills Casino?

Non-smokers must be wondering, is Bay Mills Casino smoke free? Bay Mills Casino is a non-smoking facility. Therefore, you can’t smoke or vape while you’re present at Bay Mills Casino. There are some smoking areas in Detroit casinos if that’s something you’re interested in.

Does Bay Mills Casino Offer Special Promotions?

You can find multiple Bay Mills Casino promotions by clicking the ‘Calendar’ tab on the site. Some of these seasonal promotions, while others only apply for specific days. It’s a good idea to check out these promotions when planning to visit Bay Mills Casino. Promotions can be found in Bay Mills’ Michigan online casino partner, DraftKings Casino.

It depends on what tier your membership is. If you just activate your membership, you won’t get to enjoy any special complimentary drinks. However, higher levels will provide members with various complimentary, including drinks. You can also redeem your comp points to get Bay Mills Casino free drinks as a member.

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