Top 10 Richest Cities in Michigan by Average Household Income

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Richest Cities in Michigan

Welcome, fellow Michigan enthusiasts! In this delightful delve, we will shed light on the crème de la crème of the state — the top 10 richest cities in MI.

As we embark on this ample countdown of the rich cities in Michigan, we’ll be sizing up the ten most affluent counties, highlighting their unique features and boasting qualities that make them stand out.

This enticing exploration of wealth and prosperity within The Great Lakes State will open up a world of opulence for you. So buckle up as we dive right into the heart of Michigan’s richest cities, where the average household income soars and exceptional living comes to play. And who knows, you might just come across the perfect place to call home or simply indulge in a lavish getaway.

The information for this piece has been collected from two authoritative US government census sources: the 2020 Decennial Census and the 2021 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates.

Below find the richest cities in Michigan shortlisted:

Name Average Household Income Population County
Franklin $264,486 3,093 Oakland County
Village of Grosse Pointe Shores $247,464 2,647 Wayne County
Village of Grosse Pointe Shores $244,212 2,613 Macomb County, Wayne County
Bingham Farms $231,952 1,152 Oakland County
Bloomfield $218,000 43,798 Oakland County
Ada $214,608 14,388 Kent County
Oakland $200,292 19,848 Oakland County
Southfield $198,221 72,966 Oakland County
Ann Arbor $197,811 368,385 Washtenaw County
Beverly Hills $178,591 10,414 Oakland County

🗺️ Map of the Wealthiest Cities in Michigan

🌇 The 10 Wealthiest Cities in Michigan

Regarding extravagance and affluence, Michigan has its fair share of wealthy cities boasting impressive amenities and lavish lifestyles.

This naturally sparks curiosity about which of these stunning locales holds the title of the richest cities in Michigan. We set off on an exciting journey to uncover the enthralling rating showcasing Michigan’s most prosperous urban treasures, where opulence meets the epitome of fine living.

10. Beverly Hills — Oakland County

Average Household Income $178,591
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $173,750
  • 45 to 64: $180,893
  • 65+: $83,937
Population 10,414

Tenth on our list of wealthiest cities in Michigan is Beverly Hills in Oakland County — a charming village that blends a sense of small-town community with undeniable opulence.

This thriving locale has exceptional schools, well-kept parks, and elegant residential neighborhoods. Residents of Beverly Hills enjoy an elevated quality of life, with access to upscale amenities and an atmosphere that exudes luxury and comfort.

9. Ann Arbor — Washtenaw County

Average Household Income $197,811
Household Income by Age
  • Under 25: $25,833
  • 25 to 44: $100,455
  • 45 to 64: $210,000
  • 65+: $129,545
Population 368,385

Ann Arbor, one of the wealthiest towns in Michigan, is situated in Washtenaw County. It’s a city where intellectual prowess meets financial success.

This college city is home to the prestigious University of Michigan and a thriving art and culinary scene. Its vibrant downtown district offers:

  • Upscale shopping
  • Fine dining
  • Attractive, historic homes
  • Tree-lined streets

Ann Arbor is a haven for those who seek an enriched lifestyle with diverse experiences.

8. Southfield — Oakland County

Average Household Income $198,221
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $172,102
  • 45 to 64: $182,258
  • 65+: $91,996
Population 72,966

As a thriving and prosperous city in Oakland County, Southfield is a hub of wealth and opportunity. With its modern, upscale neighborhoods and various cultural experiences, the city stands out as a premier destination for affluent families and professionals.

In addition to top-notch schools and a bustling business district, Southfield is home to vast parklands and outdoor recreation areas, adding a touch of serenity to its bustling atmosphere.

7. Oakland — Oakland County

Average Household Income $200,292
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $180,781
  • 45 to 64: $188,704
  • 65+: $93,125
Population 19,848

The essence of prestige and affluence can be observed in the captivating city of Oakland, located in Oakland County. This burgeoning locale boasts an impressive assortment of grand homes, outstanding schools, and recreational facilities.

The sense of opulence is palpable in every aspect of day-to-day life in Oakland, making it a prime destination for those seeking the finest in Michigan living.

6. Ada — Kent County

Average Household Income $214,608
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $171,201
  • 45 to 64: $164,831
  • 65+: $77,593
Population 14,388

With its exceptional landscape and vibrant community, one of the wealthy cities in Michigan, Ada of Kent County provides residents with an exquisite living experience.

Home to the renowned Ada Covered Bridge and picturesque parklands, this township blends history, culture, and abundance. The high Average household income reflects a community that revels in its prosperity while still holding dear its small-town charm.

5. Bloomfield — Oakland County

Average Household Income $218,000
Household Income by Age
  • Under 25: $69,154
  • 25 to 44: $163,194
  • 45 to 64: $190,425
  • 65+: $95,121
Population 43,798

One of the richest towns in Michigan, steeped in wealth and prosperity, Bloomfield in Oakland County prides itself on its luxurious homes, prestigious schools, and upscale shopping centers.

The essence of affluence is evident in the sprawling estates and lush golf courses that surround this esteemed locale. With its close proximity to Detroit, Bloomfield offers a perfect balance of convenience, sophistication, and lavish living.

4. Bingham Farms — Oakland County

Average Household Income $231,952
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $169,028
  • 45 to 64: $236,071
  • 65+: $157,292
Population 1,152

Bingham Farms, found in Oakland County, presents an impeccable combination of elegance, top-tier amenities, and natural beauty. Replete with lush forests and scenic trails, this family-oriented village promotes an active lifestyle while delivering a high-quality living experience.

Highly rated schools, boutique shopping, and fine dining options merge seamlessly to create the extraordinary and affluent environment of Bingham Farms.

3. Village of Grosse Pointe Shores — Macomb County, Wayne County

Average Household Income $244,212
Household Income by Age
  • 45 to 64: $217,500
  • 65+: $118,875
Population 2,613

Village of Grosse Pointe Shores, located partially in Macomb County and partially in Wayne County, is a testament to an upscale lifestyle and idyllic surroundings.

Its beautiful lakeside setting and stunning residences serve as the backdrop to a close-knit community that enjoys access to top-notch education, leisure facilities, and outdoor recreational options.

This thriving municipality is the epitome of refined living and offers unparalleled opulence to its residents.

2. Village of Grosse Pointe Shores — Wayne County

Average Household Income $247,464
Household Income by Age
  • 45 to 64: $225,781
  • 65+: $121,042
Population 2,647

Nestled in Wayne County, one of the rich areas in Michigan, the Village of Grosse Pointe Shores boasts an inviting and exclusive community which attracts those seeking the finest quality of life.

With the breathtaking views of Lake St. Clair and its neatly maintained parks, it offers unparalleled tranquility. The affluence of Grosse Pointe Shores is further demonstrated by its world-class education system, wealthy homes, and vibrant community spirit that makes this village a true paradise.

1. Franklin — Oakland County

Average Household Income $264,486
Household Income by Age
  • 25 to 44: $152,422
  • 45 to 64: $167,500
  • 65+: $119,000
Population 3,093

Topping the list of Michigan’s richest cities, Franklin in Oakland County exudes charm and elegance. Being the wealthiest city in Michigan and known for its historic architecture and peaceful ambiance, this quaint village offers residents an unmatched standard of living.

In addition to being surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscapes, Franklin is also studded with an array of dining options, top-rated schools, and recreational facilities. A true gem in Oakland County, Franklin is the epitome of luxury living.


What is the richest city in Michigan?

The city of Franklin in Oakland County — the richest city in Michigan — holds the highest average household income in Michigan, with an impressive $264,486.

Which county in Michigan is home to the largest number of richest cities?

Oakland County boasts the largest of richest neighborhoods in Michigan, including Franklin, Bingham Farms, Bloomfield, Oakland, Southfield, and Beverly Hills.

Is Detroit one of the richest cities in Michigan?

No. Detroit boasts the average household income of $49,515, which is significantly lower than those on the top 10 list. However, most of the affluent towns and locations are found quite close to Detroit and people from those areas are likely to be connected with some of the productions in and near the city, as well as Detroit casinos and other high-value establishments.

What are some common features of the richest cities in Michigan?

Some common features of the richest areas in Michigan include luxurious homes, prestigious schools, upscale shopping centers, abundant recreational facilities, and vibrant, close-knit communities. These richest Michigan cities often merge the charm of small-town living with the benefits and elegance of big-city life.

What’s the poorest area in Michigan?

Here’s an interesting fact about Michigan: Highland Park, Wayne County, is the poorest area in the Great Lakes State with an estimated household income of just $17,550.

How do the natural surroundings impact the quality of life in the affluent Michigan cities?

Many of Michigan’s richest cities offer abundant natural beauty, such as picturesque landscapes, lush forests, scenic trails, and waterfront views. This enhances the aesthetics of these most affluent cities in Michigan and promotes an active and healthy lifestyle for its residents, contributing to a high quality of life.

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