Detroit Casino Gift Cards: A Winning Bet for Unforgettable Memories

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Detroit Casino Gift Cards

Gift cards are widely popular, but do casinos have gift cards? Casino gift cards have become a popular form of entertainment currency. Whether to give it to someone as a present or to use it for your pleasure, gift cards are uniquely versatile. They are memorable gifts because they cater to various preferences.

Due to its popularity, more casinos started offering gift cards. From all-inclusive packages that include gaming, dining, and accommodation, to specialized gift cards for other brands. Some casinos even provide online platforms for purchasing and managing gift cards.

However, many might still not understand how to use casino gift cards. What can you use them for, and how to use them? We’ll guide you through the world of casino gift cards in this article.

🎁 How Casino Gift Cards Work

Many casinos currently offer gift cards for their brands. These gift cards are usually for loyal customers and can be redeemed at other online gambling sites under the same brand.

Players can find these gift cards online and place an order to get one. You can also visit the land-based casino in person to purchase a gift card. Personalize the card to make it unique, especially if you want to send it to your loved ones. Most casinos offering gift cards often allow you to send a message along with the gift card to make it even more memorable.

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There are commonly two types of gift cards: casino-specific and third-party gift cards. You can redeem casino gift cards for the casino’s products. Depending on the casino’s offers, you can purchase gift cards for services, dining, or staying. Casinos’ gift shops will accept gift cards, but you can’t use gift cards to buy another gift card.

However, it’s important to note that casino-specific gift cards are only eligible at the casino where you purchase the card from (or sometimes at any location owned by the company, like MGM gift cards). Some casinos also allow you to use the cards on its subsidiary casinos, but it’s better to ask the casino directly to know where you can redeem your gift cards.

Note: Most casino gift cards are not allowed to be used on gambling activities. Some casinos, however, allow it, with Hollywood Casino at Greektown being an example.

Many gift cards are eligible for redemption at various stores. Some of the most common gift cards are for Walmart, Target, and Amazon. On the contrary to casino-specific cards, you won’t be able to redeem general gift cards for casino purposes. However, you can choose to purchase a prepaid MasterCard or Visa Card.

You can use prepaid cards similarly to credit and debit cards. They’re slightly more unconventional compared to bank cards. For example, you can’t store your cash in the card or withdraw its value into cash. Still, they’re easier to purchase than general gift cards, and the terms are more flexible. Some casinos accept prepaid cards, but finding one will be hard.

You can use various payment methods to purchase casino gift cards. The options depend on the casino, but the most common payment methods are Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover Card.

🎰 Gift Cards for Detroit Casinos

For those living in Detroit or visiting the city and looking to purchase a Detroit casino gift card, several reputable casinos offer them. Some of these casinos allow you to buy gift cards online and will enable you to personalize the card to make it even more memorable for your loved ones, while some casinos only allow you to buy in person. Let’s talk about some of the best casino gift cards in Detroit.

🎰 MGM Grand Detroit Gift Card (MGM Reward Gift Card)

MGM Resort Gift Cards
Gift Card Value $25-$1,000
Personalized Design Pre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card Availability No

MGM Grand Detroit offers MGM Rewards Gift Card, which you can redeem for the casino resort’s services and amenities. MGM gift cards can be redeemed in MGM’s retail shops, dining spots, lounges, bars, and the wedding chapel. Reward gift card holders can also redeem the cards for spa treatment and accommodation. However, MGM gift cards cannot be used on gambling activities.

To purchase the MGM gift card, you can visit MGM’s website and order it online. MGM will ask for the recipient’s name, which can be the buyer or the person you will send the card to. You’ll get options for the gift card’s design and can choose how much the card’s value is. MGM allows you to personalize the card’s worth $25-$1,000 per card. After buying an MGM gift card online, the casino will send a physical card to you or your loved ones.

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, and Diners Club to purchase the gift card. Note that you can’t refund or change the value after choosing the card’s value or redeeming it. You can buy multiple MGM casino gift cards, but the total value can’t exceed $10,000 per day.

The physical card may expire. The expiry date is written on the card, but the balance won’t expire. You can notify MGM to replace the card for free.

🎰 MotorCity Casino Gift Card

MotorCity Casino Gift Card
Gift Card Value $5 and up
Personalized Design Pre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card Availability No

MotorCity Casino gift shop, Lacquer, offers a gift card you can purchase. The shop is located in the hotel lobby and has a minimum purchase requirement of $5. On the other hand, there’s no limit to how much you can put into a Motor City Casino gift card. It’s a one-time purchase, so you can’t add more to the balance. The casino only allows you to purchase in person, so you’ll receive a physical card directly.

Motor City Casino gift cards are eligible for all services and items at MotorCity Casino Hotel, including the casino hotel’s restaurant, theater, gift shop, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco products. However, the casino doesn’t accept gift cards for gaming activities, advance payments for accommodations, reservations, spas, mobile device and kiosk purchases, and guest room purchases via television.

MotorCity casino gift cards are non-refundable, but you can return the retail items you’ve purchased using the gift cards as long as you still have the valid receipt. The cards won’t expire, but if the holder loses the cards, the casino won’t refund or return the card’s value.

🎰 Hollywood Casino Gift Card

Gift Card Value $5-$1,000
Personalized Design Pre-designed options, personalized message
E-Card Availability No

To obtain Hollywood Greektown Casino gift cards, you’ll have to use various third-party sites like Giftly or GiftRocket. You can buy $5 to $1,000 and personalize the value between the limits. Before sending the Greektown casino gift card, you can customize the design and include a unique message to send with the gift card.

Hollywood Casino gift card holders can redeem the card for the casino’s gaming options, dining spots, hotel stays, and other amenities. They’re also eligible for online use. As you can only buy Hollywood Casino gift cards from third-party sites, the payment methods you can use to buy them differ. Check with your chosen third-party site for more about the accepted payment options.


Do Detroit casinos offer gift cards and certificates?

All the three casinos in Detroit offer gift cards or certificates. If you’d like to be sure, you can check the options we’ve listed above or ask your chosen casinos to know if they offer Detroit gift cards for purchase.

What can Detroit casino gift cards be spent on?

It depends on which casino’s gift cards you’re purchasing. Most casinos allow you to redeem gift cards for their amenities and services. You can use the casino gift cards on the casino’s dining places, gift shops, accommodations, and other amenities, like spas and lounges.

Are you allowed to use MGM gift cards for gambling?

You can’t use MGM gift cards to bet on any of the MGM’s casino games. Besides gaming, you can’t use gift cards for advanced bookings.

Can you buy casino chips or play slots with gift cards?

Most casinos do not allow their gift cards to be spent on gambling activities. However, some casinos accept gift cards for gaming. Hollywood Casino is the only casino in Detroit that allows spending gift cards on gambling activities.

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