Michigan iGaming and Sports Betting Operators Reported Revenue of $242.5 Million in December, $2.3 Billion in 2023

Arsenii Anderson
michigan igaming operators reported 242 5m in december 2 3b in 2023 overall

In December, Michigan’s commercial and tribal operators reported gross earnings from sports betting and online casino operators in MI totaling $242.5 million. Gross revenue rose by 15.9% over November.

Monthly Gross Receipts

The highest-ever gross earnings for iGaming were $181.4 million in December. The previous peak, which was reached in November 2023, was $175.3 million. December saw the biggest gross sports betting revenues to date, coming in at $61.1 million. The previous record high, reached in November 2021, was $54.1 million. Gross revenues from sports betting came to $33.9 million last month, while gross receipts from iGaming came to $175.3 million.

Monthly Adjusted Gross Receipts

When compared to November 2023, the combined total adjusted gross receipts (AGR) for iGaming and online sports betting in December were $198.4 million, consisting of $163.3 million from iGaming and $35.1 million from online sports betting. This represents a 3.5% increase in iGaming and a $34.9 million increase in sports betting. Sports betting had a 14.3% increase and iGaming saw an 18.8% increase in income compared to the reported revenues for December 2022.

Monthly Handle

With a total handle of $583.0 million, online sports betting saw a 2.5% increase over the $568.8 million handle in November 2023. This is now the highest handle for online sports betting in the state.

Monthly State Taxes and Payments

According to the operators, they paid $36.7 million in taxes and fees to the State of Michigan in December. Of those, $34.1 million came from gaming taxes and fees, and $2.6 million came from online sports betting taxes and fees.

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