Michigan’s War Against Illegal Gambling Goes Global at the IMGL Conference

Alex Nesterenko
michigans war against illegal gambling goes global

The gambling authority in Michigan has taken its fight against illicit gaming to a global scale.

During the International Masters of Gaming Law 2024 Spring Conference held last week, the Michigan Gaming Control Board represented the United States by outlining its strategy for destroying illicit gambling businesses that operate both domestically and abroad.

Lou Trombetta, the executive director of the Florida Gaming Control Commission, chaired a panel discussion at the conference, which brings together some of the IMGL’s 300+ members. This specific discussion centered on the need to strike a balance between the regulatory objectives and the reality of the gaming sector.

Here, the knowledgeable Executive Director of the MGCB, Henry Williams, described Michigan’s approach to combating illicit gaming.

The MGCB Leader Takes a Cue from Michigan’s Anti-Illegal Activities Strategy

Williams spoke to a global audience in a Tampa Bay Marriott conference room on the significance of stopping illegal enterprises. The head of MGCB cited Michigan’s effective, no-nonsense strategy as a suitable example. Henry Williams said that MGCB would track down and make individuals responsible for their acts if they choose to break the law and do not behave in a lawful manner. The Michigan Gaming Control Board has made it a top priority to take all necessary measures to shield residents of the state from operators of illicit gaming markets and to prevent the illicit gaming business from demeaning the lawful gaming sector.

MGCB has a zero-tolerance approach when it comes to unlawful gambling.

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