Michigan Ranked Second in the Nation for Online Casino Revenue in 2023

Arsenii Anderson
michigan ranked second in the nation for online casino revenue in 2023

In terms of online gambling, Michigan had a historic year in 2023. Every major category saw new records established by the state. This covers the Michigan online casino revenue as well as the handling and revenue from online sports betting.

Where did the year that broke records place it in relation to other leading states in the US for online gambling?

Michigan is Second in Terms of Online Gaming Revenue for 2023

In 2023, legal online gambling in Michigan has definitely upped the bar. Michigan was able to move up to second place in the US for iGaming revenue at the end of 2023 by having two consecutive months of record income.

Michigan defeated New Jersey just enough. The only state with more revenue was Pennsylvania.

In the US, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and New Jersey accounted for 91% of the market share for online casinos in 2023. Pennsylvania has the most population and the highest revenue. Visit igamingpenn.com to learn more about online casinos in PA and fresh news about the state’s bustling gambling scene.

In fact, New Jersey is making the most money per adult based on forecasts from the US Census Bureau for the state’s population in 2022 and online casino income in 2023. Once again, Michigan comes in second.

Michigan Online Sports Betting is Not in the Top 10

Michigan’s online sports betting market is ranked slightly outside of the US top 10. As of right now, Michigan is eleventh in the nation for 2023 online sports betting volume.

The difference is much greater for Michigan than it seems at this moment since six of the states that are ahead of Michigan have not yet submitted their December sports betting data. Arizona has not yet released its November data.

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