Detroit Casino Employees Say that Online Gambling Sites Should be Boycotted

Arsenii Anderson
detroit casino employees say that online gambling sites should be boycotted

Detroit casino employees have been on strike for over a month. They are now using new strategies in the hopes that it would inspire the businesses they are negotiating with to comply with their requests.

For the last two years, Lisa Cuthrell has worked as a chef at the Hollywood Casino in Greektown. Cuthrell says she believes community solidarity is one of the things striking casino workers need more of.

Cuthrell said that they need people to stay inside the picket lines. People must be steadfast in the face of the strike.

The Detroit casino strike just extended to online MI casinos and sportsbooks. Employees at casinos are urging patrons to avoid online bookmakers such as FanDuel, Hollywood iCasino, ESPN BET, and BetMGM.

According to Lisa Zezula, doing it online is equivalent to coming in. It resembles slapping people on strike in the face.

When major events take place, the staff members organize large-scale demonstrations outside the casinos. MGM Grand employee Lisa Zezula says she’s hoping that the casinos will be under more pressure to improve their agreements with the union as a result of these new striking tactics.

Zezula believes that the strikers will ultimately prevail and that the companies will finally realize the damages they will incur.

Lisa Cuthrell, in the meantime, will continue to stand on the picket line until workers get better pay and healthcare.

According to Cuthrell, living expenses have increased and everyone has to know that since everything is so expensive.

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