The Governor’s Suggested Budget Suggestions for iGaming Regulatory Capacity Growth and the Prevention of Compulsive Gambling are Supported by the MGCB

Arsenii Anderson
the governors budget suggestions for igaming are supported by the mgcb

Following the release of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s sixth executive budget recommendation for Fiscal Year 2025, which he and State Budget Director Jen Flood presented to a joint session of the Senate and House Appropriations committees, Executive Director Henry Williams of the Michigan Gaming Control Board released the following statement.

In order to safeguard the interests of Michigan’s residents, Whitmer said that the Michigan Gaming Control Board is dedicated to encouraging responsible gaming and strengthening the regulatory frameworks that are now in place for the Michigan iGaming operators and players alike. In her role as Executive Director, she wholeheartedly concurs with the governor’s suggested budget suggestions, which set aside more money for programs aimed at preventing compulsive gambling as well as enhancing iGaming regulation to thwart illicit activity.

The governor has shown a strong commitment to tackling the issues associated with compulsive gambling and maintaining the integrity of iGaming activities in the proposed budget for the fiscal year 2025. Better education, awareness, and support networks for those at risk of developing gambling disorders will be made possible by allocating money for both problems.

Furthermore, the proposed budget’s commitment to strengthening the MGCB’s regulatory authority over iGaming represents a major advancement in protecting players and discouraging illicit activity in Michigan’s online gaming market. Increased regulatory monitoring is essential to safeguarding Michigan’s most vulnerable people, stopping money laundering, and reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activity as iGaming gains popularity.

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