The MGCB Grants Many Approvals for the Takeover of PointsBet by Fanatics

Arsenii Anderson
the mgcb grants many approvals for the takeover of pointsbet by fanatics

It has long been known that Fanatics would ultimately take the place of PointsBet in Michigan. But when would that actually happen?

In recent months, Fanatics has been gradually displacing PointsBet. The 12th of December saw another development.

A number of PointsBet labels and positions were transferred to Fanatics at the monthly meeting of the Michigan Gaming Control Board. Does this mean that a new online casino in the Great Lakes State is on its way?

Many New Essential Personnel for Fanatics are Approved by the MGCB

The MGCB conducts board meetings once a month to authorize new important personnel regarding supplier licensees as well as license renewals for suppliers.

The MGCB spoke to a number of new important figures from Fanatics on December 12.

Here is what was listed in the section D of the MGCB meeting:

  • PointsBet Michigan LLC, with New Key Person FBG Enterprises Opco, LLC d/b/a Fanatics Betting and Gaming FBG Enterprises Intermediate Holdco, LLC
  • FBG Enterprises Holdco, Inc.
  • FBG Enterprises Topco, Inc.
  • Fanatics Global Holdco, LLC
  • Fanatics Holdings, Inc.
  • Kynetic F, LLC
  • Michael G. Rubin 2011 GST Nonexempt Grantor Retained Annuity Trust #2
  • SL FH Holdco I, L.P.; SL FH VC, L.L.C
  • Edward Henry Kimball Couture
  • Michael Gary Rubin
  • Lydia Bly Jett
  • Jonathan Christopher Mildenhall
  • Matthew Wallis King
  • Andrea John Ellis
  • Glenn Howard Schiffman
  • Gerald Leonard Storch
  • Deven Jawahar Parekh
  • Michael Ross Conn
  • Gregory Keith Mondre
  • Mindy Faye Grossman

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