The MGCB Reports a Rise in Detroit Casino Revenue in July

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The MGCB Reports a Rise in Detroit Casino Revenue in July

According to the Michigan Gaming Control Board, there was a 9.3% rise in casino revenue in Detroit in July when compared with the June report. The total revenue of the three Detroit casinos amounted to $116.9m.

$115.7m was generated by slots and casino games, $1.2m more — by retail sports betting, which saw a monthly drop of 47.2%.

As Detroit casinos were closed in July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the year-on-year comparative report was not available. However, the MGCB reported the total casino revenue to be $119.m in July 2019.

The individual casino revenue totaled $53.8m at MGM Grand Detroit (a 16.1% monthly rise), $38.5m at Motor City (a 3.4% monthly rise), and $23.4m at Greektown (a 4.9% monthly rise).

As for the market shares, MGM Grand Detroit took 46% of the market, Motor City followed it with 34%, and Greektown ended the list with 20%.

The adjusted gross receipts amounted to $637,681 at Motor City, $437,203 at Greektown, and $136,948 at MGM Grand Detroit.

The state received $45,807 of retail sports betting taxes from the three casinos combined, $55,987 more was paid to the city.

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