ESPN Bet Faces Backlash for Its “Push” on Parlay Bet Policy

Arsenii Anderson
espn bet faces backlash for its push on parlay bet policy

Just a few weeks after its introduction in Michigan, ESPN Bet is under criticism for the way it manages parlay wagers.

Any parlay when one leg has a push will be worthless, even if the other legs were all successful, according to the PENN-run sports betting app. Instead of just decreasing the odds if one leg pushes, the majority of other sports betting companies count such a parlay as a win.

In November, Hollywood Casino went live as part of the new ESPN platform, bringing in many exciting titles to players in Michigan. But this didn’t make ESPN Bet immune to criticism.

Explaining Parlay Betting

One of the most common kinds of bets made by American sports bettors is a parlay. A player places a parlay, which is typically for the same game, as a single wager composed of several smaller bets. The bettor wins the whole parlay wager, usually with long odds if each bet (or “leg”) wins. However, the parlay is a failure if even one leg is lost.

If one of the legs is a push, the majority of US bookmakers will still pay out on a parlay. A push could occur when a game finishes in a tie after the bettor selects a winner or when the final score falls precisely on the point spread. If one leg is a push, many sports betting apps will recalculate the parlay odds, treating the push leg as if it didn’t occur in the wager. However, when one leg of a parlay is a push, ESPN Bet will nullify the parlay and give the consumer their money back.

Some sports enthusiasts are not thrilled with the regulation, despite the fact that users of ESPN Bet Michigan are not losing parlay bets that include a push. Given that MMA contests often end in draws, one fan on X pointed out that it is difficult to depend on ESPN Bet for MMA betting.

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