Online Casinos and Sportsbooks in Michigan Report $176.1 Million in Revenue for July

Arsenii Anderson
online casinos and sportsbooks in michigan report 176 1 million in revenue for july

In July, tribal and commercial operators in MI reported total gross gaming (iGaming) and gross sports betting revenues of $176.1 million. In comparison to June’s figures, gross revenues went up by 4.0%.

Gross online gaming revenue for July amounted to $153.6 million, while sports betting revenue amounted to $22.5 million. June 2023 saw gross gaming revenue of $151.0 million and gross betting revenue of $18.3 million.

With $138.2 million from MI online casinos and $16.4 million from online sports betting, the combined total for online gaming and online sports betting adjusted gross revenues (AGR) for July was $154.6 million, up 1.0% and 77.5%, respectively, from June 2023. Sportsbooks saw an increase of 16.8%, and online gaming saw an 18.0% increase in reported revenues from July 2022.

The total amount wagered on sports online, which came to $200.8 million, was down 11.9% from the $227.9 million wagered in June 2023.

The operators reported giving the State of Michigan $29.8 million in payments and taxes in July, which included $28.7 million in fees and online gaming taxes. This also includes taxes and fees for online sports betting totaling $1.1 million.

Detroit’s three casinos reported paying $7.6 million in wagering taxes and municipal service fees to the City of Detroit in July, including $7.2 million in fees and taxes related to online gambling and taxes and fees for online sports betting of $391,969.

Tribal operators reported paying $3.5 million to governing bodies in July.

You can find the revenue allocation table for iGaming and sportsbooks on the agency’s website.

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