The MGCB Will Obtain $50.7 Million from the State Budget

Arsenii Anderson
the mgcb will obtain 50 7 million from the state budget

The state’s FY2024 budget was approved by the Michigan Legislature approved on June 28, which contains $50.7 million set aside for the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).

The Board’s messaging campaign for responsible gaming called “Don’t Regret the Bet”, which debuted earlier in 2023 and offers information and advice to state residents that can help them play it smart and prevent gambling from getting out of hand, will be supported by an allocated $3 million in ongoing funding as part of the deal.

A gaming control organization that is well-funded is essential, according to Henry Williams, the MGCB’s executive director, for guaranteeing honest and fair gaming in the state, stopping fraud and criminal activity, and dealing with problem gambling. Williams said he sincerely appreciated the support from the Legislature and Gov. Whitmer for a budget that will enable the MGCB to expand its team and make investments in effective systems that help strengthen the integrity and mission while supporting those they serve, as well as support the state’s expanding gaming industry.

The Board will also get the following additional funds as part of the budget for FY2024:

  • Support for new gaming initiatives will cost $2.2 million and 16 full-time equivalent (FTE) staff positions;
  • The creation of an accounts receivable system that is coupled with an existing state’s financial system, SIGMA, and internal agency database, would cost $2 million;
  • $63,000 will be used to start paying members of the board who currently work as volunteers without pay to attend board meetings.

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