A $54 Million Drop in Revenue Was Just One Effect of the Detroit Strike

Arsenii Anderson
a 54 million drop in revenue was just one effect of the detroit strike

The first casino workers’ strike in Detroit is already in the past. However, how much money did the casinos lose as a result of the strike?

It lasted 47 days, officially concluding on December 2 after it began on October 17.

Now that the November Detroit casino income report has been made public, the whole picture of the figures is clear and we know how three retail casinos in Detroit were impacted by the strike.

How Much Did Detroit’s Casinos Lose Over the Strike?

3,700 union employees from Hollywood Casino in Greektown, MotorCity Casino, and MGM Grand Detroit went on strike on October 17.

Although a significant portion of these union members were employed in retail casinos’ slot and table games, they held a wide variety of jobs.

The three casinos brought in $81.7 million from slot machines and table games in October. Compared to the $105.9 million they were averaging in 2023 before October, it was a significant decrease.

For employees of MotorCity Casino and Hollywood Casino, the strike continued until November 19, and for MGM Grand Detroit, it lasted all of November.

Despite this, November’s gaming losses dropped by only $5.7 million to $76 million.

The aggregate gaming income of the three casinos over the two months of the strike was $54.1 millionless than their pre-strike average .

Every casino was forced to shut down some of its gaming options. Everybody, whether it was poker rooms, certain tables, or slots, had to make difficult choices.

When it came to everything that was shuttered, MGM Grand Detroit seemed to be the most affected. The first floor of MotorCity Casino had to be completely closed. The fewest closures occurred in Greektown.

When it came to lost income, it was evident that MGM got it the worst. MGM Grand Detroit had the longest strike duration in addition to the most number of closures.

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