Detroit Casinos Reported November Revenue of $79.1 Million

Arsenii Anderson
detroit casinos reported november revenue of 79 1 million

For the month of November 2023, the three casinos in Detroit recorded a monthly aggregate revenue (AGR) of $79.1 million, of which $76 million came from table games and slots and $3.1 million from retail sports betting.

What about market shares for November?

  • MGM Detroit – 39%;
  • MotorCity – 34%;
  • Hollywood Casino at Greektown – 27%.

Table Game and Slot Revenue and Taxes

Compared to November 2022, table games and slot machine income fell by 23.9% in November 2023. Monthly income in November 2023 was 7% lower than in October 2023. The revenue from table games and slots in the Detroit casinos fell by 3.2% from January 1 to November 30, 2022.

  • MGM dropped by 34.4% to $30.6 million;
  • MotorCity dropped by 17.8% to $24.7 million;
  • Hollywood Casino at Greektown dropped by 10.8% to $20.7 million;

Detroit’s brick-and-mortar casinos paid the State of Michigan $6.2 million in gaming taxes in November. For the same month in 2022, they paid $8.1 million.

In November, the casinos reported paying $9.4 million in wagering taxes and development agreement payments to the City of Detroit.

Previous Projections on November Revenue Figures

Let’s look at the earlier projections for November revenue figures. The strike at MotorCity and Hollywood Casino lasted 48.4% of October and 63.3% of November. This implied that there should be a 32% revenue decline in October.

The MGM Grand Detroit’s losses from October were quadrupled since they continued to operate with a staffing shortage throughout that whole month.

It was anticipated that the three casinos in Detroit would make around $63.5 million in total gaming income from slots and table games based on all of the estimates and statistics.

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