Four Winds Casino May Have Lost $700K Due to a Cash Cage Scam

Arsenii Anderson
four winds casino may have lost 700k due to a cash cage scam

It’s possible that a Four Winds Casino employee in Hartford was the subject of a fraud operation that resulted in $700,000 going missing.

A cash cage manager called Danika Nicole Young was accused of stealing $700,000 in cash from the Four Winds Hartford Casino on July 30 after getting a call posing as a casino CEO. According to Young’s confession, she admitted to carrying the money to Indiana where she gave it to an unnamed person.

That scenario’s conditions are uncannily identical to two scams that con artists pulled off at different casinos, one of which stole $1.17 million.

Authorities in Nevada Have Issued a Warning About Casino Fraud

The Nevada Gaming Control Board warned casinos of a fraud that targets cash cages in early July, according to Grand Rapids’ WOOD-TV. The complex cage scam has proved remarkably successful in scamming casinos.

The con is very complex, according to WOOD-TV and security specialist for the gaming sector Derk Boss. The thieves are able to impersonate a valid extension and seem to be calling the cage from inside the casino phone system. To make the call seem to be from a legitimate casino employee, they could also utilize artificial intelligence.

Boss claims that in mid-July, the National Indian Gaming Commission issued a warning on a similar cash cage fraud. Before the Four Winds Casino incident, it’s conceivable that the plan had already defrauded two other casinos.

A man has been charged in connection with two occurrences that happened in Nevada at the Eureka Casino Resort in Mesquite and the Circa Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Erik Gutierrez is said to have made requests to receive money over the phone to the cash cages at those casinos. Later, part of the cash was discovered at his residence.

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