Joshua Thatcher, a Professional Poker Player, Was Sentenced for Operating an Illegal Casino

Arsenii Anderson
joshua thatcher a professional poker player was sentenced for operating an illegal casino

Joshua T. Thatcher, a 42-year-old pro poker player from Gwinn, Michigan, was given a 12-month probationary period after pleading guilty to one felony count of gambling operations on 2 December 2022. He had been charged with running the unregulated poker room called 906 Poker Social, which had previously been located at 1200 S. Front St. in Marquette. $13,050 in cash, six poker tables, and other funds stored in bank accounts related to the 906 Poker Social investigation were among the goods Thatcher agreed to surrender to the State of Michigan as part of his plea deal.

The so-called private poker club began operations in April of 2021, and it was shut down on July 8, 2021, as a result of a combined investigation by the Michigan Department of Attorney General and the criminal investigative unit of the Michigan Gaming Control Board.

Henry Williams, executive director of the Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB), claimed that unregulated gambling operations did not provide the people of Michigan with the same safeguards as those offered by lawful, regulated gaming. With the goal of ensuring fair and honest gaming throughout the state of Michigan, the Michigan Gaming Control Board collaborates with the Michigan Department of Attorney General to look into and shut down any unlawful gaming operations that may be taking place.

The case was prosecuted by the Michigan Department of Attorney General.

Thatcher defined 906 Poker Social as a secret membership club where players competed against one another. He assessed weekly, monthly, or annual membership fees in addition to a chair rental price of $10 per hour for members.

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