Michigan Is Evidence That Online And Retail Casinos Can Succeed

Alex Nesterenko
michigan is evidence that online and retail casinos can succeed

Michigan offers evidence that land-based and virtual casinos may coexist together. There has been concern that online casinos, particularly in New Jersey, may devour physical establishments in states all across the nation. And for good reason, more states still haven’t approved online gambling due to this worry.

Legislators who are uneasy need just look at Michigan online casinos to realize that both can flourish.

The three brick-and-mortar casinos in Detroit as well as the online casinos in Michigan have recently reported remarkable revenue figures. Online casinos in Michigan set a state revenue record in February, while in March, casinos in Detroit had their greatest month in almost four years. That in itself suggests that Michigan’s land-based and virtual casinos are getting along just fine.

For the Previous Two Months, Both Casino Verticals Reported Near-Record Revenue Totals

There may have been inquiries on the cannibalization controversy raised in Michigan as well. Detroit casinos had weak income in January and February. But in March, casinos made a significant comeback.

Despite all of the chatter about how land-based businesses are being impacted by online casinos, Michigan is demonstrating that both verticals are doing well at the same time.

Last month, the aggregate income from slots, table games, and poker at three Detroit casinos was $122.3 million. That kind of revenue had not been earned by casinos since December 2019, when they brought in $127.7 million. Additionally, it was the casinos’ finest March since 2019, when $140.4 million was made, an all-time monthly record.

At this point in 2024, Detroit casinos are bringing in around $107 million a month on average, a sum that has surpassed that of the preceding two years.

It’s no secret that online casinos in Michigan have taken off, even if Detroit’s casinos are more than holding their own. Since iGaming’s inception in January 2021, the Great Lakes State has seen annual growth.

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