Michigan Senator Proposed Legislation to Combat Teen Problem Gambling

Arsenii Anderson
michigan senator proposed legislation to combat teen problem gambling

Sen. Joseph Bellino has introduced a bill that is supported by both parties to address the rising issue of teen gambling addiction in Michigan.

According to Sen. Joseph Bellino, statistics suggest that high school students are twice as likely as adults to struggle with gambling addiction and teenagers do not generally view gaming as harmful.

Sen. Bellino’s Senate Bill 54 would mandate the Michigan Department of Education to create an age- and grade-appropriate instructional program on problem gambling in order to address this issue. By July 1, 2024, this initiative will be made accessible to public school academies and school districts.

Sen. Bellino emphasized the need for teachers to tell pupils about the risks of problem gambling in the same way they already do with respect to drug and alcohol usage. He thinks that by educating teens about the serious negative effects of problem gambling, the number of young people who experience this problem can be decreased.

The Senate Education Committee has been asked to further consider Senate Bill 54. If it is approved, Michigan might take the lead in the fight against teen gambling addiction and even set an example for other states facing the same issue.

The National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) reports that 60% to 80% of high school kids in the US had gambled for real money in the previous year, even though the legal gambling age in the US is between 18 and 21. The association also emphasized that 4% to 6% of high school pupils have an addiction to gambling.

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