Odawa Casino Debuts Two Dealerless Poker Tables

Arsenii Anderson
odawa casino debuts two dealerless poker tables

Dealerless poker is arriving in the mitten thanks to Odawa Casino Resort Petoskey. Subject to licensing and regulatory clearances, Odawa Casino, situated in Michigan’s Little Finger, has entered into an agreement with Jackpot Digital to build two Jackpot Blitz electronic table games (ETGs) including dealerless poker.

Consequently, you will soon have access to a hybrid version of the cash games and tournaments that are available in physical casino locations in MI and online poker venues.

Features of the Jackpot Blitz Table

Since starting to create ETGs in 2015, Jackpot Digital has kept up with technological advancements to provide players with an engaging and immersive gaming experience.

The following are a few of the aspects of the Jackpot Blitz tables:

  • An all-encompassing 4K touch screen;
  • Card-bending technology that looks at your hand the way you do;
  • Bankrolls, stack sizes, and player data are tracked in real-time;
  • A completely automated buy-in procedure that accepts player cards and cash.

Furthermore, compared to a live dealer, players at Jackpot Blitz tables might see more hands each hour.

Together with a variety of popular casino games including baccarat, video poker, and blackjack, the tables also provide side bets in poker, such as whether a hand will have more red or black cards on the flip.

Reviews about Jackpot Blitz have been overwhelmingly favorable from both players and casinos. It gives the house intrinsic flexibility by enabling the automation of cash games and tournaments.

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